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Learning Global Navigation Satellite Systems from Actual Data (LeGAD)
Introduction to GNSS Data Processing

Lecture notes(*)
Manuel Hernández-Pajares
UPC-IonSAT res. group
C/. Jordi Girona, 1 i 3, Campus Nord, Mod. C3,B4
08034 Barcelona, Spain
[contact e-mail :]

(*) partially based on inputs from
Seeber 1993, Satellite Geodesy, de Gruyter ed.,
Misra & Enge 2004, Ganga-Jamuna Press,
Hofmann-Wellenhof, Lichtenegger & Wasle 2008, Springer Wien-NewYork
and with contributions from M. Hernández-Pajares, J.M.Juan, J.Sanz, M. García-Fernández, R. Orús-Pérez, P.Ramos, A. Aragón-Ángel, D.Salazar, A.García-Rigo, among others

LeGAD course material:

  • LeGAD-00: Ongoing slightly update of LeGAD course (PDF).

  • LeGAD-01: Course introduction (PDF).

  • LeGAD Companion book (English) (PDF).

  • LeGAD Software of Companion book (ZIP file).

  • LeGAD Companion book (Spanish) (PDF).

  • LeGAD-02: Brief history of Radionavigation (PDF).

  • LeGAD-03: Main course (PDF).

  • LeGAD-04: Comparison of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (PDF).

  • LeGAD-05: Ionosphere and Wide Area Real Time Kinematic (PDF).

  • LeGAD-06: SBAS essentials and Ionospheric monitoring in detail (PDF).

  • LeGAD-07: Envisaging Pulsar-based navigation (PDF).

  • LeGAD-08: SIRGAS-2017 lectures and IonSAT-tools (PDF) ( Tar-ball to install ionsat-tools in linux user home dir.).

  • GIPSY Overview (PDF).

  • Static and Kinematic Precise Point Positioning with GIPSY (PDF).


Manuel Hernandez Pajares